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1st things 1st – Navigating Platt Perspective

I have not updated this blog orienting page for a number of years now, and do so at this point to at least briefly outline what has changed in all of this since then. I had recently completed and uploaded my 700th posting to this ongoing effort when I last wrote here; I have recently completed and uploaded my 2600th posting to this now, passing that mark a couple of months ago. And perhaps more significantly, I switched from writing at a pace that would have at least one new posting to go live every day, to writing for one to go live every other day. And now my regularly scheduled postings go live every third day. That said, I have become more active in adding in “off-day” postings too, so as of this writing I am adding new material to this blog at a pace that falls between once every two and once every three days.

And most significantly, I am still addressing fundamental issues as I continue adding to this still ongoing endeavor, with that still actively including my adding to a series on general theories of business among other efforts (and with that particular series offered at Reexamining the Fundamentals, Section VI for its Parts 1-25 and Reexamining the Fundamentals 2, Section IX for its Parts 26 and following.)

My overall goals for this blog have remained essentially unchanged since I first started writing to it, and I do not expect that to change in the coming months and years.

Timothy Platt, PhD
March 12, 2019

With daily postings, Platt Perspective has become fairly complex and even with my directory pages to help keep it organized. For all of its complexity, it all does, however, connect together as a single, overarching narrative, as noted in my 700th posting. So it is important that a reader be able to follow at least the major threads of analysis, argument and discussion presented here if this is to appear more than simply a disconnected jumble. So I have decided to add this prefatory note to the blog as an aid, and hopefully as something of a skeleton key to navigating the blog as a whole.

I divide my blog into a series of general topic areas that all interconnect, and I repeatedly draw connections between postings both within and between top level directories. But the top level directories (listed below the link to this page along the right on the blog template) are a good starting point for outlining what is here and how it is organized. I will focus here on the key directories, where “key” is primarily a matter of levels of activity.

My Guide to Effective Job Search and Career Development and its continuation in my Guide Part 2 focus on the individual as they search for and secure jobs and build and manage careers.

• This begins with just over 70 postings on job search, with several series specifically focusing on that (and I come back to this for at least one significant series later on too.)
• I then proceed to discuss the issues faced by new hires and from their first day on the job through their first performance review and the end of their probationary period.
• I discuss joining and working on teams and several other issues that would be applicable to work at most levels on the table of organization.
• And I offer series on entering management and the first time supervisory position, entering middle management and succeeding there and entering and working in senior management and as a senior executive.
• Moving into my Guide Part 2 I turn to the issues of board of directors and board membership and my goal is to continue adding to this to as effectively as possible cover all of the major jobs and careers issues I at least have experience in – at least according to my understanding and perspective.

Business Strategy and Operations looks at the business and organization, and the contexts in which we find jobs and build careers, from the organization’s perspective and from that of the marketplace it operates in. Like my jobs and careers oriented Guide, above, this consists of series of individual postings and closely connected series.

Social networking and social media are crucial to this as their emergence has created fundamental change that is reshaping the workplace and all else in our lives. I discuss this from two basic directions.

• In Social Networking and Business (and also in the much less developed Social Networking and the Arts) I look at how this impacts upon us as individuals and in individual communities, and how we are in turn shaping this emerging interconnectedness too.
• In Ubiquitous Computing and Communications – everywhere all the time I take a much wider angle perspective to look at overall changes taking place and some of their consequences. Among other things, I consider issues of global connectivity here, and also issues of cybersecurity and its complexities and at up to international and global levels.

Turning back to the issues of the organization and that level of this interconnected story, I have directories of postings and posting series on Startups and Early Stage Businesses, on Nonprofit Organizations and on a specific intergovernmental organization I have been actively involved with: United Nations Global Alliance for ICT and Development (UN-GAID).

I have already made note, above, of my Guide to Effective Job Search and Career Development. I look at some of the core issues faced here, and from the organizational side in HR and Personnel.

And to make note of two more of my directories and acknowledging that I have left some out:

• I write this blog at a time in which we all as individuals, and as members of communities and the larger Society face profound change. I seek to address some of that in every directory and series in my blog but I explicitly address some of the issues here, at least for businesses and organizations and their operations and strategy in Reexamining the Fundamentals.
• And as we are increasingly entering an information economy, one of the core areas I write about is the monetization of information in a consistent marketplace, in Macroeconomics and Business.

I have skipped over a number of my directories in this summary accounting: About this Blog, Blogs and Marketing, Outsourcing and Globalization and Web 2.0 Marketing and simply note here that I discuss parts of this larger puzzle in them too. And I write this with Platt Perspective still very much a work in progress and with a lot more to add.

I write this still approaching my second anniversary to going live on this blog and I expect that I will be adding at least occasional updates to this page.

Timothy Platt, PhD
August 10, 2011

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