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Marketing and blogs – this blog at 9 days active as a test case

Posted in blogs and marketing by Timothy Platt on September 22, 2009

I initially set this blog up knowing I would not be able to start actively contributing to it until my return from the Adirondacks and a vacation.  So I have decided to count it as live and active from Monday, September 14 on as its first functional day up.  Since then I have posted at least one note every day except one – 8 of 9 days counting today and will have added 12 postings counting this.  I set this up with the intent of focusing on sharing relatively complete packages of information that might connect together within single categories (e.g. my series of postings on business social networking as an advances guide on doing that), but that would (hopefully) be clear and helpful if read as stand-alone documents.  In this case that means a standard 1X sized posting comes to some 500 to 600 words in length and a 2X, longer posting would be about double that.

Those are the basic statistics and facts and if anything, marketing is about taking basic facts to tell a story.  In this case the story I would at least start is about marketing and blogs per se and about marketing strategically and both with blogs and for them to try and develop an engaged readership.  I will start that direction of discussion with the above and my own newbie blog and at least occasionally update this.

First, I already have written about the timing for setting this up and after a planned delay really going live with it.  I will simply repeat that timing is important and that sometimes a commitment point can help make that happen.

I realize that blog postings, like dairy products, have to be replenished with fresh on a frequent, regular basis and I have tried to get to add at least something every single day.  Schedule issues prevented this last Friday but consistency and follow-through can be everything.  At the very least failure to follow through and in a timely manner generally leaves you with nothing, if this formulation of that same idea is clearer.

I decided as an editorial choice not to serialize specific segments but rather to try and present a relative complete story each time at least in part because of the reverse chronological order that blogs tend to show in with newer postings more towards the top.  I made this choice to make it easier to read and follow an ongoing thread of thought and idea development.  That is how I arrived at the 1X and 2X posting sizes, where I have decided that any one posting that would have to be 3X or larger has to be reconsidered and broken down into smaller conceptual pieces and separate postings.

I definitely do not know what I will be posting on any particular day next week, or even for the last days of this week, even if I do have some ideas I am currently working on and prioritizing.  That does not matter, as when you blog you have to take the attitude that you will have something to write about even if it is short and a variation on the newspaper “Lincoln is still dead” story – a label I got from a newspaper trained colleague I am setting up a business with.  I just have to make sure that any posting I do put up is as interesting and informative as I can make it.  I have picked a big enough topic range so I should always be able to do that.

Marketing this blog – timing is everything, and in my case I decided to wait until I had what I thought would be enough content up so people who come to the blog would find something(hopefully interesting) to read and perhaps share comments on.

I tested the waters by posting a question on LinkedIn in the Q&A feature on Monday, September 14 after putting up two postings, both to get some feedback on issues important to members of that community that I can blog on and to help get the word out about the blog.  And this was a first test to see if anything would happen and I started getting visitors and postings – maximum in one day so far 8, not counting today which is not over yet for site statistics.

My next step, now that I will have 12 and more postings is that I will start spreading the word about this blog more actively, and I will do that in stages too using messages directed towards the specific groups I am a member of that I wish to make aware of what I am doing here.  As I progress I will evaluate how this is going and adjust accordingly.

I will announce my new business through this blog as one marketing channel as that goes live and my team and I are ready.  Once again, timing can be everything.

This is a learning experience and it is a lot of fun.

This, I have to add is now about a 1.5X size posting and in this case that is enough.

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