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Social Networking and job search 6 – networking into a target company

Posted in job search and career development by Timothy Platt on October 17, 2009

When you go to a company for an interview you never really know who the most important people will be in the decision process. The single most important person you speak with may even be the receptionist out front, who has been with that business for 27 years, and who the hiring manager always meets with after the interview because interpersonal skills are so important to them and their department. So every contact with that organization should be viewed as important and it is crucial you present yourself effectively with all of them. But this basic approach can potentially begin well before that job interview day, and in fact should begin when networking into the business in the first place. This part might not apply for your C list target companies but it definitely does for you’re A list targets.

Mine your contacts and potential contacts lists in LinkedIn and other online and off-line channels for possible connections into the company. Reach out and meet some of these people, or get reconnected and more actively connected with ones you are already at least inactively networking with. Tap into the information that they can offer you, and to develop an internal constituency of direct contacts and allies in-house, who can speak of your energy and enthusiasm for their business. These are the people who can really help you develop that insider expertise, and both on your industry and functional area in it, but also on the needs and priorities of this business in particular that you wish to work at. You may even find yourself developing one or more in-house references and that means references that virtually always are more favorably weighed as they are from known sources.

Yes, this takes time and effort, but if this really is one of you’re A list targets it is worth it. Check to see who you are at least a third degree networking connection with on LinkedIn, and second degree and direct contact where possible. Who in your list works at your job search target and in what capacity and where in the organization? Reach out to meet with them for an informational-only interview. Even if you only consider taking this extra step for your highest priority job search targets from you’re A list, it is worth considering and doing for them

Next in this series I am going to post on informational interviews – an approach and a tool that every job seeker should use and at a wide range of steps in their job search process.

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