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Social networking and online marketing – and life as the boundaries blur

Posted in business and convergent technologies, social networking and business by Timothy Platt on October 29, 2009

Is a LinkedIn profile strictly a professional profile and if so why are so many LinkedIn group discussions and the groups themselves focused on areas outside of our professional lives? Is Facebook a non-business social networking site, and if so why do so may people now view it as business and professional-oriented? I have written several times in postings that it is vital that we speak with a legitimate, genuine voice and that we post accordingly, whether it is in maintaining a blog or in offering content through other media or channels. That is true, but it is also true that some of the traditional boundaries we have relied on for matching role to circumstance are fading and blurring.

Part of this is very individual and personal, as we adjust to accommodate our growing 24/7 all the time everywhere accessibility, with our current cell phones and handhelds and an ever increasing so much more. We can be drawn into a professional and business context or a more personal one anywhere and any time. Partly this role blurring is a more wide-spread and impersonal cultural shift that has been developing in step with our increasing individual options to connect.

The ubiquitous computing and communications I write of in this blog, in my Business and Convergent Technologies series and several other places means a lot more than just expanding new tech-based connectivity options and new resources that can be used once connected. This is going to have at least as profound an effect on how we identify ourselves and others we interact with as people and as fulfilling roles. It is going to profoundly redefine our notion of work and non-work, and public and private lives. And it will shape the new ways we come up with to push back to assert our privacy and in ways that are not going to be easy to predict. So when I write of Business and Convergent Technologies I an not just writing of business per se or about convergent technologies or even just about how these two areas connect. This has real sociological and societal implications too – for ourselves as individuals as we find our genuine voices, and as we connect together as communities, fixed and stable, and transient and changing.

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