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Social networking and job search 16 – building a career and building for a career

Posted in job search and career development by Timothy Platt on November 7, 2009

I wrote in part 9 of this series: taking an entrepreneur’s approach to building and managing a career about career as an ongoing process with job search only one element. That is a very important point to repeat as it is all too easy for us to find ourselves only really thinking about our careers per se when we are looking for a new job. That makes career development a completely reactive process and it denies us the types and levels of choice that we would need in order to build a career to meet our goals and priorities. And it is only through a more proactive career development process that we can find and take the steps we need, to, in order to fulfill our true potential.

I wrote in that earlier posting in this series about the importance of looking at and actively managing your career throughout your career if you are to have more than just a disconnected series of jobs, all searched for out of necessity rather than by strategic, proactive, goal oriented choice. I will simply note here in this regard that the people who advance far in their fields to arrive at positions of leadership are much more likely to be proactive career planners and managers, and that people who proactively plan and manage their careers are much more likely to fulfill their career dreams and ambitions to the fullest.

• They are more likely to have a clearly defined set of goals and priorities in the first place.
• They are more likely to know what they have to do and when they have to do it to reach their goals.
• This means knowing what training and experience they will need, as they proceed toward their professional goals.
• They are the people who do the effective networking that increases their odds, both for finding the right positions to go for along the way and for achieving them.
• They are the people who are best prepared for the unexpected and for identifying and preparing for change that their reactive-only peers will not see coming.

This is the 16th and last part of my core series on social networking and job search, and I wanted to use this posting to bring the preceding series postings into focus. I have written about a lot of separate elements and issues related to job searches and careers up to now and I have tried to make these separate postings understandable as stand-alone documents. But at the same time they do reflect separate elements of what has to be considered a single, ongoing integrated process in job search and career. This set of 16 postings, I add, only covers the core topics. I will be adding to this with an ongoing inclusion of special topics postings.

Right now I have three special topics in mind that I will post on as parts 17, 18 and 19:

• Resumes and video resumes.
• Networking and information interviewing with an effective negotiations-oriented focus.
• Personalities count: searching as in introvert, searching as an extravert.

As I hint on the last of these three, introverts do not necessarily job search at a disadvantage, and being an extrovert does not necessarily make your search easier or more effective. There are ways to make either work effectively for you.

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