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Social networking and job search 23 – keeping your resume (and other marketing tools) fresh and focused

Posted in job search and career development by Timothy Platt on November 25, 2009

This is a topic I have touched on in other postings, but it is so important that I wanted to look into it explicitly too. Your resume and related job search tools are your market tools for presenting your skills and experience as worth buying and investing in. These are among you most valuable, important tools for this and your resume is the core document among them.

The idea there is that it is a lot easier to organize a set of documents and channel-specific messages and to keep them coordinated and on-message if you develop and maintain them from a single standard – a reference document, and in this case a detail-inclusive reference version of your stock resume that you can go to for specific content and details.

In this it is important to:

• Draft resume variants that mesh with the specifics of particular positions you apply for, and the needs and priorities of their hiring managers.
• You want to keep these resources up to date with new materials added and downplayed as appropriate, as the specifics of your search change and as your goals and priorities evolve. It can only harm your effort to send out a resume that address your needs, interests and goals from an earlier date but that no longer accurately apply to you.
• You want to cross-check the details on the job-specific targeted resume versions and related documents that you prepare to send out, using you reference version resume as a standard, to make sure you have all the dates, etc consistent and accurate.

Basically, you want to do this systematically and consistently, and with a focus on helping to achieve your goals. And remember, while too many of the people competing with you for any given career opportunity are not doing this carefully a lot are too. So you have to make sure your marketing tools like your resume work for you and represent you to your best.

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