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World Olympus – a new international arts festival celebrating regional arts with a global reach

Posted in social networking and the arts by Timothy Platt on February 15, 2010

In my first posting in this series, The Arts as a Celebration of Diversity, the Arts as a Celebration of Our Underlying Communality I wrote of my own perspective on the arts as a voice of sharing of our creative diversity. I wrote that posting with this one firmly in mind, as I briefly mentioned an upcoming festival in the planning – World Olympus.

At the time, I simply stated that World Olympus will be a movable, ship-born festival that celebrates the world’s artistic traditions and cultures, and that it is intended to have a global audience reach. I said that this will launch on the West Coast of the United States and that our intent is to follow a global itinerary for the ports of call this celebration of the arts visits. I waited on sharing more details then but can share some of that now as many of our early-stage planning starts to come together. Following is a press release drafted by one of my colleagues in developing this soon to be ongoing event.


Come celebrate the
On board the famous Queen Mary Ship as she takes center stage hosting the world press launch of the most important traveling cultural arts institution in the world.
As we get ready to launch an inspirational ship of global goodwill that will soon be launched carrying artists from all cultures that will open hearts and embrace audiences on stages in cities worldwide. This traveling worlds fair of the arts, representing all countries, will create an international display of world culture free for the public in local theaters, parks, senior homes, universities, elementary schools and all venues were ever an audience can assemble as the ship goes from city to city. This historical event will not only be a milestone in global understanding, but a milestone in the minds of all who believe that world peace starts form the heart. This unique press launch will take place on the famous Queen Mary ship, permanently docked in Long Beach, California, June 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th. The Arts Olympus, a none-profit organization, will replicate, on the Queen Mary what will be on the touring ship with live dance performances, concerts, art displays, children’s amusements, global film festival, a record breaking international food buffet and a grand star studded Olympus World Peace Awards gala.

To me, World Olympus is first and foremost an opportunity for open sharing of our collective and individual creative spirits and a denial and a breaking down of the barriers that so often come to divide us. I write of our desperate need for this coming together in my first posting here, and I was drawn to work in support of this venture as I see this as a vehicle of hope. World Olympus and bringing the world of art to you – I will be adding updates to my blog on this and on the issues and events in setting this up and bringing it to fruition. I will simply add here that I feel a tremendous sense of excitement of the potential of this and that I will be sharing word of this upcoming and developing festival through a number of online groups as well.

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  1. teeth whitening said, on February 15, 2010 at 3:01 pm

    I usually agree with what you post here, but in this case I must say that I do not share your views.

  2. Francesco Inloes said, on February 23, 2010 at 5:46 pm

    Hiya, nice day.. Your article is extremely impressive. I never considered that it was feasible to accomplish something like that until after I looked over your post. You certainly gave a great perception on exactly how this whole process works. I will make sure to return for more advice. Thanks

  3. Elza Belcourt said, on March 6, 2010 at 8:42 am

    i was beginning to feel i may possibly be the sole guy whom thought about this, at the very least at present i acknowledge i’m not ridiculous 🙂 i am going to make sure to find out more about a few various articles immediately after i get a tad of caffeine in me, it is very difficult to read without having my coffee, adios for now 🙂

  4. Yukiko Radford said, on March 11, 2010 at 7:47 am

    Heard about this site from my friend. He pointed me here and told me I’d find what I need. He was right! I got all the questions I had, answered. Didn’t even take long to find it. Love the fact that you made it so easy for people like me. More power

  5. […] I come back to the basic premise of my initial posting and of the second posting in this series as well as I write this. I will have more postings to add to this series, including updates on the […]

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