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A blog update at 250 postings and counting

Posted in blogs and marketing by Timothy Platt on April 26, 2010

Yesterday I was thinking about this blog and what I have posted to it over the past months – and with this one I have now added 250 postings and at an average of something over 1000 words per posting that amounts to over a quarter of a million words total. When I started writing and posting here I did not think in terms of numbers, either for posting or word count totals and I still find that to be a more minor issue, but it is interesting how the postings and words accumulate. And I find myself with so many proposed posting topics I want to add into the mix I have some topics I really want to add that have been waiting for weeks. I have been busy enough here so that I am still not ready to get to them yet.

If I have learned anything from this ongoing exercise it is that if you are interested in what you blog about you will not run out of material to write about.

I will probably hold off on posting a next “About this Blog” update until I hit the one year anniversary mark. My readership numbers continue to grow and that I find very rewarding. I enjoy the blog comments I get and responding to, and the emails that I receive because of this blog too. Thank you for helping to create some very real conversations here.

Tim Platt

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  1. […] wrote in my 250th posting to this blog that I have had several proposed topic areas that I have had waiting in the queue for […]

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