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Reexamining business school fundamentals and emerging 21st century realities

Posted in reexamining the fundamentals by Timothy Platt on August 4, 2010

The preceding 12 postings in this series have attempted to examine the same fundamental set of changes that are developing in the global marketplace and for all businesses, each variously focusing on this through the lens of a different and distinct perspective. These perspectives were selected for inclusion because they individually and collectively seem to coordinate with major areas of focus for students pursuing a business degree, and as such collectively offer a somewhat comprehensive vision. I know that I have left some important points of focus and perspectives out of this, and do not claim comprehensive completeness. I picked a dozen perspectives, at least in part as it is a convenient round number and because I see it as being large enough while hopefully reducing repetition to an acceptable minimum.

One of the ongoing series I have most actively posted to in this blog is my Guide to Effective Job Search and Career Development. I write in this context that while there are many reasons current unemployment rates are so high and why they have remained so high as our current recession tapers off, one of them is an already emerging set of changes in the overall marketplace. What would be considered short term problems of limited liquidity and greater risk may be an immediate driving force here, and global outsourcing and automation may be important but they all have to be viewed, longer term as connecting into a larger context of more fundamental change. This is not just theoretical speculation, but change that directly and even forcefully impacts on individual employees and their families, individual businesses, and their customers and suppliers, and individual marketplaces and communities.

I am going to shift back to focusing on my other ongoing posting series for now but I will come back to this.

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