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Platt Perspective at one year and 395 postings

Posted in Web 2.0 marketing by Timothy Platt on September 14, 2010

Today marks the first anniversary for my actively posting to Platt Perspective and I have been thinking about that as a milestone of sorts. I initially set the blog up on in August last year, right before leaving for vacation, and started posting after returning from that.

I wrote at the time of setting up and following through on a commitment point and one way to look at the past year is as follow-through on that intention. My goal has been to post every day and I have in fact only missed one day, early after I went live with this when I ran into unexpected scheduling problems. Since then I have learned how to post in advance with postings set to go live at specific times and on specific days, and to plan more effectively around following through on this blog. So when I am going to be off-line traveling I write and upload in advance to keep the blog covered for new material and installments in my ongoing series.

This is posting 395, so simple math would indicate I do at least occasionally post more than once per day. I still do that occasionally, but I mostly double-posted when I first began to write here, to speed up the initial development of a body of posted content. My goal was to develop a resource that people can find of value and that they would go back to as reference resources. My web analytics for the blog indicate that on any given day at least someone reads each of somewhere between a fifth and a quarter of all my postings to date and on peak days that can approach a third of all postings that have gone live to that point. This has held fairly steady over the past several months and more.

I like to write and I have found the exercise of organizing and developing this blog in its mix of stand-alone postings and series to be richly rewarding. My plan is to continue posting here on an ongoing basis.

Please feel free to share your comments and thank you for your interest in this and for reading from this blog. At nearly 400 postings so far, I have indicated something as to what I would write of here. Where do you see gaps that you think I should address? I posted a series on building an online store in response to reader feedback and I do appreciate your ideas and leads.

Thanks, Tim Platt

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