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Platt Perspective at 500 postings

Posted in blogs and marketing by Timothy Platt on December 28, 2010

This is my 500th posting in my Platt Perspective blog and I have been doing a great deal of thinking about what I am doing here, what I seek to do and about blogging in general. 500 marks a milestone, and this one comes a few days before the end of one year and the beginning of a next – another milestone of sorts.

• My ongoing collective story in this has become more complex but I still seek to assemble it from individual postings that are at least intended to offer some value in and of themselves if taken separately.
• At the same time I still seek to keep everything connected so that together they do tell a single story as well.
• I have added new series within my basic directory pages since my last blog update posting at the one year anniversary mark, but so far at least I have resisted the temptation to add a new directory page. I have considered that with a new one on Information Security and Cyber Conflict, and I still may add that.
• A lot of what I am posting now deals directly and specifically with issues I am currently involved with professionally – not a complete departure from earlier postings but I have added a lot of what I would see as background information and perspective to build from.
• I still have a lot of ideas I want to post on, in telling a fuller story.

I keep using the word story here, and as factual and analytical as I like to keep this blog I am still presenting my ideas and perspective and telling my story about complex issues. And where is this all leading? My blog is a work in progress and I am still somewhat figuring that out as I go along. Right now I am at least tentatively planning to continue this at least until I reach and surpass what I would call the Scheherazade number of 1001. Even just doing that would mean daily postings for call it 72 more weeks. I will decide then how I wish to proceed. For now and through the foreseeable future I will be posting a short essay every day and with no exceptions.

I write this because I enjoy writing. But more than that, I keep adding to this blog because I owe so much to so many who have offered me advice and wisdom over the years. I seek to acknowledge that through the action of reaching out to help others in turn, or at least to entertain them a little.

I would end this posting with a brief final thought and it is one that specifically addresses a concern that has come up several times recently in taking with colleagues on the job. The concern is about maintaining a business blog with an ongoing, consistent, sustained effort. If it is important enough to you, you will find the topics to write on, the energy and will to write, and the staying power to keep doing this. If you do not see value in continuing this effort, no amount of content ideas or opportunity will be sufficient to keep you posting. In my case I find maintaining and continuing this blog to be a source of joy and satisfaction, and yes one of discovery as well. I have been learning at least as much as I have been sharing, simply from systematically thinking all of this through and writing it down.

So here I am at the 500 mark and I think back to my first posting and to how I set up an initial commitment point to blog. I have been following through on that commitment and I now renew if for another 501 postings and more – still leaving me something less than half way through. That seems right to me, and a good point to proceed on from. And tomorrow I will add posting 501.

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