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A note on future plans for the Guide to Effective Job Search and Career Development

Posted in job search and career development by Timothy Platt on December 29, 2010

With this update added as a supplemental posting I will have now added 141 installments to my Guide to Effective Job Search and Career Development and I have reached a point where I see a need to share something as to where this guide is going. When I initially began posting to it I did so with a sharp focus on job search and on best practices for gaining a new position. I had careers in mind from my first posting in this, but I wrote entirely about jobs and finding and landing one. That, after all is where I saw greatest immediate career advice need. I add that this seemed to be an effective place to start anyway, if my intent was to outline a fuller range of career steps and issues – first getting a job and then advancing up a career ladder.

I started to move beyond that first crucial step with my Starting a New Job, Building a New Foundation series (see postings 73 through 88 in the Guide) and after adding in another 14 part series on job search with Bringing the Job Market and Marketplace info Focus, I switched to Working for a New Boss (postings 103, 106, 109, and 112.) And I started writing about managing and supervising with my series From Peer to Supervisor (postings 105 through 123 with a few breaks and interruptions.)

My initial thought was to post on working for a new boss from the perspective of the people supervised, and then delve into the same issues from the supervisor’s perspective but as I started following through I realized I needed to actually develop this a bit differently. So I wrote my series on working as a first time manager. I will be moving on to post a series on middle management and its issues and challenges, and between them attempt to cover all of the points I was initially thinking in terms of plus more.

I will continue to post on job search; I mentioned breaks in the From Peer to Supervisor series, for example and they included a short series on The Startup as a Career Path (postings 104 and 107.) I am currently planning on adding a series on job search for people currently working, for example, where it may be very important that their current employer not become involved in this. There are in fact a lot of issues and potential issues that can at least seem unique to the employed-but-searching.

I am also thinking about a series on managing through change, though that is still in the earlier planning stages. Change management, after all, has implications and effects that impact on people at all stages in their careers.

My Plan B job search series (postings 56 through 72) has proven popular, judging from the page hits and feedback received, and I started writing and posting that in response to a reader request. I do listen, and I do follow through on that in action. Where do you see a gap in what I have been writing about? What are your thoughts as to what I should post on as a next series here, or as an important single posting issue? Let me know.

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