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Notes from a recent Social Media Lunch and Learn presentation

Posted in Web 2.0 marketing by Timothy Platt on February 3, 2011

Following are notes taken from a PowerPoint presentation that I recently prepared for a lunch and learn for a client business. I decided to present them here in a blog posting, minus business-identifying details as they highlight an important point – the need to systematically and strategically plan out, carry through on and monitor any business social media campaigns if they are to be effective.

I almost always begin this type of analysis and review by raising four basic questions. I then generally address those four and other questions that arise with a social network taxonomy focus and orientation. I append a link to a posting on social networking taxonomies here to offer definitions for terms like hub networkers and boundary networkers as cited below.

Basically, this posting and the lunch and learn presentation it is based on, are all about planning out and developing social networking and social media marketing campaigns, with each campaign targeting a distinct and separate audience and audience demographic, and with the complete suite of campaigns (ideally at least) blanketing your full range of desired target audiences.

Starting with the Basics – the Four Questions

1. Who are you trying to reach?
2. What messages do you want to reach them with?
3. Where do they go online where you can do that?
4. What is the most effective way for you to frame your message there?

• Cycling back to the Who, and identifying and reaching out to hub networkers, boundary networkers and others of key value.

Who Are You Trying to Reach?

• (A listing of specific program-related target audiences and potential target audiences for this organization.)
• Who else? Think through the details here. Each of these categories can be subdivided into separate included target audiences.

Crafting Targeted Messages for Your Targeted Audiences

• Matching message to audience – what you wish to say, and connecting back by listening too. (What)
• Matching message to audience – shaping your message to work for your target audience in word choice and style. (How)
• These exercises should be applied to each of your target audiences.

The Where of Social Media Marketing

• Where do the people you are trying to reach go online for their social networking and social media involvement?
• Do they use Facebook?
• Do they join online groups? What group features get them involved? Where are these groups? Yahoo? Google? Facebook? Others?
• Do they use online review sites? Yelp? Jumo? Where?
• Building online profiles and monitoring activity.
• Online social network – where? Facebook? LinkedIn? Where else?

How Revisited

• Matching your message style and format to your audience.
• Matching your message style and format to work in your targeted channels.

Cycling Back to the Who

• Making social networking taxonomy work for you – what it is.
• Hub networkers.
• Boundary networkers.
• Boundaryless networkers.
• Open networkers.
• Viral marketing and bringing in the wider audience.

Completing the Cycle

• Repeat these processes and steps as needed – on a regular and ongoing basis.

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