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Patterns of popularity – an unexpected web analytics finding for this blog

Posted in blogs and marketing, business and convergent technologies by Timothy Platt on May 26, 2011

I wrote a while back, as I crossed the 500 postings mark this past December that I was probably not going to post specifically about this blog per se again for a while, and at the time I was thinking of my 800th posting. Then I found myself looking at 65 comments in feedback that all came in on one day and that almost all simply noted interest in one of my specific directories: Startups and Early Stage Businesses (see my March 20, 2011 posting for details on that.)

I wanted to comment on that, as my most popular directory for quite a while was my Guide to Effective Job Search and Career Development and now it was this. And I decided to leave this set of issues there and to keep posting on-topic and on the blog, rather than specifically about it. Then I recently received a comment that has prompted me to change my mind again, though in this case this posting is not so much about this blog, as it is about something that working on this blog has highlighted for me about the online marketplace.

I found a comment in my spam filter, and it probably ended up there because of the sender – an online “pharmacy” that sells prescription drugs of select sorts but with no questions asked (aside from credit card information) and with no prescription needed. Spam offers of low cost Viagra and the like are usually simply be deleted without thought. But this was a well written comment involving browser options for handhelds, and from both a business and site provider, and from a customer and site user perspective. This was submitted by someone deeply interested in more effectively reaching out to their target market and in developing completed business transactions with them, and in the user interface issues that could facilitate or thwart that.

The same issues that this blog visitor raised could just as easily have come from someone from a more standard online pharmacy or from most any other type of online business, that sees significant market share potential in handheld channels and for the rapidly growing mobile online demographic. And that left me with a decision.

I did not set this comment to go live to the blog and respond to it there, as such as I did not want to add a link to this type of business to my blog as if I were trying to help drive business to them. But this comment did raise genuine and significant questions and issues, and of a type I do write about. So with some reflection before writing this, I decided to respond as a separate posting, and yes I will put together a series in which I will address some of the questions raised. And I will think about how this request came about.

Online can and does encompass the whole spectrum of humanity and all that we do and seek to do – and that includes business ventures that we would or would not seek to patronize or in any way support.

And with the all-inclusiveness of that in the online experience I chose to include this in my Ubiquitous Computing and Communications directory as well as on my About this Blog page.

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