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Bringing Platt Perspective into focus and admitting my ambition for it – some thoughts at 700 postings

Posted in blogs and marketing, reexamining the fundamentals by Timothy Platt on July 15, 2011

The word weltanschauung comes from the German words welt (world) and anschauung (view) and is defined in either German, or in English as a borrowed word, as meaning “a comprehensive conception or understanding of the world.” A weltanschauung is generally posited as explaining, or encompassing some specific standpoint. Basically, a weltanschauung is a world view that seeks to offer an overarching explanatory framework and perspective for some large area of understanding or experience.

This is my 700th posting to Platt Perspective, and I was not planning until recently to make special note of this particular numerical milestone. But a recent conversation with a friend about this blog and what I am doing with it has prompted me to reconsider. And I want to both briefly outline something of this conversation here, and discuss a little of my thinking coming out of it, as to where I see this blog going.

My friend and colleague is a teacher, and a writer of text books, and his approach was very simple. I should in effect carve up Platt Perspective, mining it for content and topic areas for writing some number of books. I should use the postings as first draft entries, and document them with references and correct them as to writing style according to a standard, academic format to produce a (loosely connected) set of text books, from which I would derive royalties as an author. And I would winnow out and set aside, if not discard anything that did not fit into my specific book-organization plans.

That approach is very nice, and I am sure it would be worthwhile doing, but it overlooks a few details that are important to me. The first is that I see everything I have been including in this blog as connecting together to form a single, perhaps wide ranging narrative. And the second, I wish to write about here. And in a fundamental sense I gave away that point with my opening paragraph, above.

I have the audaciously ambitious goal of seeking to outline at least a rough, first draft version of a weltanschauung for the 21st century for businesses and marketplaces, and for the people who work in them and collectively comprise them. But my ambitions do not simply stop there. I see the emergence of our all the time and everywhere connected ubiquitous computing and communications capabilities as marking a fundamental turning point in human history, and I seek to map out at least the first tentative steps in that ongoing process.

Online social networking in the context of business, and separately for the arts, and the other topics I write of here all fit into this with for example my

Ubiquitous Computing and Communications – everywhere all the time

touching on the emerging context that this will play out in, and my

Guide to Effective Job Search and Career Development and
Social Networking and Business

seeking to offer tools for helping individuals as they experience all of this change in the global marketplace.

Platt Perspective is a rough draft at best, quickly written and in a real sense organized as it grows – organically. But it is an attempt at drafting a widely comprehensive snapshot, and of where we are now and where we are going. Information and its co-creation, storage, distribution and use, and its conversions from data to knowledge throughout this, are all central to the changes I write of. So to cite one more crucial topic area I have sought to address, I cite my Macroeconomics and Business directory. And yes, some of my directories at this point are still virtually empty stubs and placeholders that I expect to expand upon.

That is, among other reasons why I have written of expanding this blog at least to the 1001 postings count in overall scale, in reaching what I refer to as the Scheherazade number. That number of individual stories offered her room to in effect weave a comprehensive picture with her Arabian Tales and my thought is that the same would probably be enough for me to at least begin bringing my intended weltanschauung into something of a focus too.

So for now I will simply keep thinking, writing and posting and put off any selective redactions and more polished drafts for possible future endeavors – whether that would be for print or entirely for online. If I really am writing this for the 21st century that would probably mean online by default. Meanwhile, I have a great many more specific postings and series in mind, and tomorrow I will be posting number 701.

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