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Joining, serving on and leading a board of directors – 1: introducing a new series

Posted in job search and career development by Timothy Platt on August 10, 2011

To date, I have written and posted a succession of series on jobs and careers in this blog, all organized into my Guide to Effective Job Search and Career Development directory. This posting simultaneously marks the beginning of a new series in this collection, and the starting point for a new, continuation directory page: Guide to Effective Job Search and Career Development – 2. Quite simply, my initial directory page for this general topic area has become lengthy enough so as to have reached a point of diminishing returns for value offered through it, if I were to simply keep adding to it.

So this posting and in fact this new series qualify as marking a new beginning. But at the same time they deal with boards of directors and that is a topic I have touched on many times, at least from the business and organization perspective. So this is also a direct continuation of an ongoing narrative.

In that regard and as a matter of citing source material for some basic definitions and concepts that I will make use of, I note two earlier postings drawn from Business Strategy and Operations:

Boards of Directors and Corporate Culture and Strategy which includes a basic taxonomy of organizational and functional board types.
Boards of Directors and Accountability which discusses some of the key areas of board responsibility.

I also note here that I have discussed boards in three postings from the perspective of the people who report to them from the executive suite of an organization, in my series Transitioning into Senior Management (see my Guide to Effective Job Search and Career Development, postings 167, 168 and 170.) And I have posted once on the potential for conflicts of interest when simultaneously serving on the senior executive team and on the board for the same organization (see my Guide, posting 169.)

I will be basing this series on my own direct experience, and both serving on boards and chairing them, and from reporting to them. I have also learned a great deal about boards and how they do and do not work from experiences shared with me by colleagues and I base what I write about boards on that rich source of insight too. And I thank a great many colleagues who have shared experience about jobs and careers in general and about boards here, in particular as I write this introductory posting.

As a final resource that I would cite here as offering particular value, I suggest reviewing and utilizing the resources offered through Governance Metrics International (GMI), a quality of governance rating and evaluation organization.

My next posting in this series will at least start a discussion of the issues and challenges of joining a board of directors.

I have been posting on the general topic area of jobs and careers since I first started adding to this blog, and have been adding a succession of series on that to my Guide to Effective Job Search and Career Development directory. I have recently started a second, continuation page to this directory at Guide to Effective Job Search and Career Development – 2. and you will be able to find this and subsequent series on this topic area there. I have posted:

• Extensively on job search,
• On starting a new job and working there through your probationary hire period, up to your first performance review,
• On entering management, and on joining and working in middle management and as an executive,
• And on joining and working on a team, on finding a quality of life balance, and a range of other areas of importance in planning and living your career.

This series on joining and working on a board of directors is my first to include on my continuation jobs and careers directory page and I am currently planning on following this with at least five more series as well as a number of already planned supplemental postings.

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