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Job search and employment challenges, business and hiring challenges – assembling and solving the puzzle as a whole

Posted in job search and career development by Timothy Platt on November 23, 2011

Following is a lengthy excerpt from a detailed email that I was asked to write in follow-up to a meeting I had today with my district’s state senator. I have decided to include this as a supplemental posting to my job search and career development directory continuation so here it is.

Thank you for sharing so much of your time with me today. I know that you meet with a great many people when you are here in your district so I should probably start this email by reminding you that we spoke about the interconnected puzzle of job search and unemployment, and of the business and hiring side of this as well.

I briefly told you about my own background and experience, and about my business and technology blog. In that I made particular note of my directory pages listing postings on job search and on getting back into the work world at:
Guide to Effective Job Search and Career Development. We also spoke at least briefly about startups and early stage businesses and the challenges that new entrepreneurs face and about social networking and business. But mostly we talked about the puzzle of helping people develop the skills and the networking reach to find and land jobs, while helping businesses address their concerns so they can more effectively hire.

• This means working with individuals and groups on the prospective-employee side of the hiring table.
• This means working with businesses and with hiring managers on the other side of that table, and helping them to get there.
• Any viable solutions to this puzzle have to work for all of the people involved and that means they have to buy in on what you would propose they try doing.
• This is particularly important for businesses as they fear the fiscal downside of hiring with the long term salary and benefits expenses that involves. So bringing them to think in terms of asking the right questions is very important, and working with them to find local solutions that can help them meet their local needs and concerns is the key to success.
• No one can get a job until there is someone out there ready to hire. This is in many respects about identifying, clarifying and resolving risk management concerns – starting with the fact that most businesses that hire do so without needing loans first. They need to see opportunity that would match and exceed risk.
• And the Federal government cannot help with this. Right now the Federal government cannot even help itself get straightened out. Local and state level solutions to these problems are going to make the difference in turning around our business place and employment problems. And this is where face to face meetings and workshops can help – where the people at the front of the room facilitate and listen and not just talk at anyone.
• These meetings would involve business people and they would involve people looking for work. And whoever is in the room at any given time, the goal should be in searching for local “fix this” solutions to focused, specific problems. So for small and medium sized businesses, what would they need that extra employee for if they were in a position to hire? What opportunity would this help them to better address? What would they need to make doing this viable, and if not from a bank as a loan, from where and in what form? For that one, the clearer your understanding of precisely what you need, the more easily you can find a way to find and secure it
• Then turning to the job seeker side of this, the more closely an applicant can match what they offer to what prospective employers need, the more likely it is they will get hired. So how do they best present themselves as the best solution to a specific employer need? They need to know what that specific need is, as a starting point.

This really is a puzzle and one that cannot be solved by focusing on any one piece or type of piece to the larger puzzle. The puzzle has to be brought together as a whole and with buy-in and involvement from many in the community, if this is to work. So the challenge here is in facilitating that and in helping to make that happen.

Thank you for your patience in reading all of this, and let me know what you would find helpful for me to write about on my blog if any specific issues come to mind. Perhaps more importantly, I would appreciate an opportunity to meet with you again and to see what we can do in working with local job seekers and businesses and with groups they are involved with.

Tim Platt

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