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YouTube marketing 1 – show me, tell me, but what?

Posted in Web 2.0 marketing by Timothy Platt on September 10, 2012

YouTube and comparable online video clips have become basic elements to the marketing strategy for seemingly every business that at least in part operates online. Every business sees genuine need to participate in the interactive online context of social media, and bring their message interactively to the public they seek to reach with their products and services too. That much is clear and I would assume that most marketing professionals these days would see it as obvious and even trite too. But there is a tremendous need for best practices in crafting and presenting the right message, and of the right length for this media and for the audiences that are reached through it.

• That means clearly articulating what the business offers as products and services.
• But it also means conveying what makes that business stand apart and in ways that the audience reached would appreciate. So regardless of product or service type, this might, for example, mean conveying a message that the providing business is socially or environmentally responsible and that it is a good corporate citizen.
• And it is always important to clearly convey brand so that viewers will remember which business that video they saw came from.
• And at the same time as all of that, an effective video should be catchy and easy to remember – and ideally be interesting enough so that viewers would share links to it with others, helping it to go viral in its reach.

And in case that is not enough I will add one final wish list bullet point here:

• A truly effective online marketing video clip is short and focused, so it is easy to remember and it is developed in such a way that members of the intended audience can relate to it.

Achieving this final and admittedly dual point makes all of the others possible. Or rather missing on this and making a video that viewers click away from before it ends, makes all of the rest impossible.

Notice that I have not raised issues of language or dialect here, or of professional appearance and production value. I focused on the core essentials that would apply to a high-tech company that seeks to convey a sleek, urbane professional image, or to a company that seeks to convey a message of simple country life and hand-crafted excellence.

Even leaving out apparent production value and related factors, that would fit more into supporting specific marketing strategy, this still leaves a great deal to pack into a short message.

This is my first installment in a new series in which I will dissect out those core objectives and requirements for crafting an effective online video message per se. And in the course of this series I will also discuss connecting these videos into a more comprehensive marketing message and series of messages. I am, more specifically, going to focus on the first bullet points of my above basic requirements list in my next series installment. Meanwhile, you can find this and related postings at Web 2.0 Marketing

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