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Platt Perspective at 4 years

Posted in blogs and marketing by Timothy Platt on September 14, 2013

I do not post about this blog very often and that is by design. I write this blog because I think about and enjoy writing about a complex set of issues that I have taken on as its overall topic area. But periodically, I find myself stepping back to think about this ongoing effort as a process and about its overall organization and goals. And at this fourth anniversary date for my really starting this as an ongoing commitment, this seems as good a time as any for such reflection.

If I were to quantify what I have been doing here, this is posting number 1494. Noting that fact however, I have to admit that this detail does not particularly interest me. I know my current and ongoing posting count simply because I see it and other activity metrics in my administrative dashboard that I use for uploading and scheduling my postings and for managing other routine maintenance tasks.

The issues that matter more to me here could be summarized as to type with two simple questions:

• What have I done in general, and more specifically in the past year on this blog that stands out to me at least, as holding significance to this overall effort?
• And what do I plan on doing here in the next year that might similarly stand out for me, if and when I write about reaching a fifth anniversary posting a year from now?

As a perhaps more immediately visible change, over the past year I have expanded the number of directory pages I list to the right on my blog template, with the addition of:

• A second page to my Ubiquitous Computing and Communications – everywhere all the time and
• A third page to my Business Strategy and Operations
• And I expect to add a few more new directory pages in the coming year too.

But some of the more significant changes have been taking place in the course of my flow of postings themselves and are less visible on the immediate every-day surface.

• As a case in point, I have significantly shifted focus in my Guide to Effective Job Search and Career Development – 2 from working at specific jobs at various positions on a table of organization, to developing and pursuing longer-term career paths.
• I have also been very actively been delving into issues of innovation and building its strengths into an organization. It can reasonably be argued that I have been presenting about this in general throughout the course of writing this blog but I have made it a particular point of focus over the past year or so (see particularly Business strategy and operations – 2 and Business strategy and operations – 3, and HR and Personnel for postings relevant to this topic area.)
• And to cite one more area that I have been actively writing about, I would note my series: Moving Past Early Stage and the Challenge of Scalability (see Startups and Early Stage Businesses, postings 96 and loosely following for Parts 1-35, as of this writing. There are series that I keep coming back to and this has been one of them.)

And I should probably also note that I have continued to at least periodically write about issues of information and infrastructure security, and I have definitely continued that over the past year with much of that going into Ubiquitous Computing and Communications – everywhere all the time and its continuation page. Right now I am actively adding to a series of particular relevance there: Learnable Lessons from Manning, Snowden and Inevitable Others (see Ubiquitous Computing and Communications – everywhere all the time 2, postings 227 and loosely following) on the current, as of this writing, crisis created by governmental leaks of information related to national security, and particularly about surveillance programs conducted with that expressed goal.

That highlights some of what I have been writing about. My other goal here is to at least briefly note something as to what I am currently planning to write about in the coming months and year.

• I have been adding postings and series to my Guide to Effective Job Search and Career Development and then to its page 2 continuation for as long as I have been posting to this blog. I have more series planned to add to this, and will continue posting to my Guide once every five days for a while to come. But I do see the basic reference resource that I had in mind when I started it, coming into shape as completed online content. I am tentatively considering concluding the basic guide with a series on entering into retirement, with all of the basic issues: “second career” jobs and transitioning from full-time to part-time work to full retirement included. After that I will probably continue to add to this resource but less frequently and in at most, shorter series than I have been adding.
• I have written fairly extensively about China though I add that I have not added to that body of postings since November, 2012 when I wrote Part 6 to a series: Thoughts of China for After its 2012 Power Transitions. I have, of course, been closely following events stemming from their 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the official start to this leadership transition, but I decided to wait before continuing this narrative so I could more clearly see underlying patterns and not just find myself writing about the long-term less consequential. I am planning on resuming the Transition series that I began last year in lead-up to the 18th Party Congress, but this time looking at aftermaths and realized results and consequences – though I will probably update the series title for the current year.
• And I will continue to write about business and technology in general, with a goal of filling in at least some of the many gaps that I still have in my attempted weltanschauung (see Bringing Platt Perspective into Focus and Admitting My Ambition for It – some thoughts at 700 postings for more on that, from when this blog was about half as far along as it is now, as of this writing.)

As I noted at the start of year 3 for this blog, it is still an active work in progress. Meanwhile, you can find this and my other benchmark postings at Blogs and Marketing and at About this Blog.

(As an update to this posting, I realized after it went live that I was also overdue for adding a second page to my Social Networking and Business directory too, so as a first, I am setting that up and moving three postings into it from before this fourth anniversary date. – Tim Platt, September 24, 2013)

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