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Rethinking Platt Perspective at 1650 postings – an update on how this enterprise is to continue

Posted in blogs and marketing by Timothy Platt on February 17, 2014

I made a fundamental decision in late August, 2009 when I set up this blog as a possibility that I could add postings into. And I reaffirmed it and put it in writing starting September 14, 2009. My basic rules as to what I would post were at least in principle very simple – even if they have proven, as expected, to be more complex in execution.

• I would offer short to longer essay length postings on business and technology.
• I would at least seek to develop a comprehensive approach to, and world view of business and the technology that sustains it, and certainly from a business organization perspective.
• I would address this complex and far-reaching topic area at multiple levels, from that of the individual as they seek jobs and careers, to that of the businesses they would work at, and on to consider larger contexts and all the way up to addressing overall macroeconomic problems and questions.
• And I would post at least one new entry to this every single day with no exceptions.

This is posting 1650 in that succession and I can report that up to here I have only missed one day in meeting that last goal, that occurring very soon after starting and because I had not started writing and uploading postings in advance yet. I have consistently met the requirements of that first bullet point since commencing this exercise. I will leave it to others to decide how well and fully I have met the goals of bullet points 2 and 3, though I do add that I have certainly attempted to fulfill them too or at least to take steps towards doing so.

And this brings me back to that last of those four bullet points. I have been thinking for a while now about slowing down and posting less often. And a few days ago I made my formal decision to do that. So I write this as my last daily posting before switching to a more relaxed schedule, which I am tentatively setting as posting a new entry every other day.

As of now I am planning on continuing writing here. This announcement simply means it will take on the order of an extra year, for example, for me to reach 2000 postings. I am content with that, and will strive to continue to meet the objective of my fifth bullet point, which I have kept in mind all along, even if I have not explicitly stated it.

• I will continue to at least make every attempt to offer postings that are accurate, informative, well written and interesting.
• And to repeat one more detail that I have noted several times in this blog as a sixth point, I will continue to write my blog so that all of its postings and series connect together into a single overarching, relatively seamless narrative – at least as an intended goal.

It is just that from now on, I will be working towards this complex and far reaching set of goals at a more leisurely pace.

Timothy Platt

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