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Platt Perspective at 5 years

Posted in blogs and marketing by Timothy Platt on September 14, 2014

This posting marks my fifth anniversary since I actively went live in writing to this blog. And it marks my 1,755th posting. I wrote at a pace that would allow for a new posting to go live every day without exception through posting 1650, early this past year (see Rethinking Platt Perspective at 1650 Postings – an update on how this enterprise is to continue. And have written to have a new posting go live every other day since then. But I have otherwise continued writing and posting according to the basic pattern that I started with and as an ongoing pursuit of the same basic goals.

As a minor correction to my scheduling noted in that, I did write for live posting on consecutive days, one time after making that change so I could post “on schedule” on May Day, May 1, 2014 to a series on China and its leadership transition (see China and Its Transition Imperatives 8: moving from rule by man to rule by law 1. That scheduling shift, I add, led to this anniversary date falling on a posting date too. But aside from that, I have followed basically the same pattern that I started with on September 14, 2009.

I suppose it might be of some certain value to cite details of that sort when thinking about the year past and the now five years past. But I write these updates about this blog itself primarily as a way to step back from the day by day details of my thinking and study, and of my writing to consider this ongoing endeavor as a whole. Day to day or alternate day to alternate day if you will, it is easy to get lost in the details, and in the individual postings and certainly in the flow of topically defined series that I organize them into.

Like it or not, we are to a significant degree what we do and certainly when that doing is steady and consistent and long-term, and when we see value and meaning in it. I began writing this simply as something that I do but by now it is also a measure of who I am – mostly retired from my consulting practice, I am now a writer. I still mentor and I still actively network and help others as they seek to business network too, but professionally I am mostly a writer now. And late next year I expect to reach posting number 2002 at least for writing it, with that blog entry scheduled to go live in early 2016 (see Platt Perspective at 1001 Postings, and the Scheherazade Number) – that upcoming benchmark posting will go online as the “double Scheherazade number” blog installment if you will. As of now I have set an interim goal of posting to number 3003, though I add that I did this same thing with 1001, and then with that 2002 mark which I am still working towards. I still see writing to this blog as a fundamentally open-ended endeavor.

According to my administrative dashboard tools, I have had readers from over 140 countries, and from a great many of them on an ongoing, repeat basis. I thank you for that, and for the feedback that I have received. And I do find meaning in pursuing this endeavor so I will continue it, with these periodic updates on this blog itself included. And with this added to the ongoing flow of words, I switch back to my more usual business and technology postings with my next blog entry again.

Tim Platt, September 14, 2014

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