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Accepting and living an ownership approach to jobs and careers and more – a key to enabling a fuller life

Posted in career development, job search, job search and career development by Timothy Platt on June 25, 2015

I have written recurringly in this blog about taking an ownership approach to your job and your career, and whether or not you formally hold ownership rights over any of the businesses in which you come to work. And I have written about taking this approach in your work life both from the perspective of instilling that level and type of committed responsibility in others, and in terms of instilling it into your own life and your own decisions and follow-throughs.

In that regard and to put this posting into its fuller context, I cite a select set of such postings, and one complete series here, from my earlier writings to this blog:
Building a Sense of Ownership and Responsibility into Business Operations and Processes, and into Core Business Culture,
Finding Your Best Practices Plan B when Your Job Search isn’t Working – part 17, keeping your job search in perspective and making it your own,
Transitioning into Senior Management – Part 21: finding your own path,
Accommodating and Thriving in the Midst of Change in Jobs and Careers 3 – external and internal motivation, and taking ownership of our own careers, and
• My series: The Importance of Taking Ownership in Your Work and Your Business (at Business strategy and operations – 3, postings 445 and loosely following for its Parts 1-7.)

That means I have touched upon the issues of taking ownership responsibility and of making that level of commitment a number of times – and with the basic message I would convey here divided up accordingly.

I find myself writing this posting with a goal of bringing this centrally important message into a single, hopefully clearer focus, doing so as I look back at my now 1900+ postings here. And if I were to select out just one take away message that I would identify as holding the most singular importance of everything that I have been writing here, out of the by now two million plus words of this blog, it would be that of taking ownership responsibility, and in our job searches and in our jobs held and as we advance professionally and in our longer career paths – and in our lives as a whole. Ultimately, we are what we commit ourselves to.

• What we do without any sense of commitment, we do without any sense of urgency or any sense of need to do well or right. And when we are through with that and walk away from it, we carry little if anything from it with us as we move forward. It does not become a part of us.

We are what we commit ourselves to, and we are what we prove we are committed to through our doing. And I write this thinking back to my own professional life and to what I have done and sought to do, and I write this thinking back to the commitments I have made and sought to follow through upon – and what to me have been more the incidentals that I have simply walked on from as well.

Take an ownership perspective and certainly on anything and everything that you see as holding any real importance. And that is my one take home message in this brief posting.

I offer this as a supplemental posting to my Guide to Effective Job Search and Career Development, and you can find it at that directory’s Page 3. You can also find related material at Page 1 and Page 2 to this guide.


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