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Platt Perspective at six years

Posted in blogs and marketing by Timothy Platt on September 14, 2015

I write to this blog on a consistent and ongoing basis, but I only rarely explicitly write about it here. This posting represents my 1954th entry to this blog. But it is only my 27th such posting about this blog itself since I began this endeavor, and it is only my sixth such in the last four years (see About This Blog.) I wrote a lot more about this blog per se when I was just starting it and bringing it into focus as an ongoing, long term venture.

This posting, however, marks my sixth anniversary for actively writing to it, so I add one more “about” posting now. I began writing to this blog as a matter of taking on an open ended commitment and I still see this effort in that way. I will not, of course, keep writing to this blog forever, but I have continued doing so up to here. And I fully expect to reach what I have come to think of as the “double Scheherazade number” of postings in a few short months. (Scheherazade is said to have offered 1001 consecutive stories in the Tales of the Arabian Nights, so that would mean 2002 postings going live to this blog as double that.)

I find myself thinking back as I write updates of this type, and forward to postings and to years to come. I will most likely add another brief “about” update to this blog when I actually write my 2002nd, double Scheherazade number posting and I expect to have something to say about that then – and about how we all set goals and interim goals and benchmarks that we strive towards. And sometimes they hold what others would see as specific value and meaning and sometimes they are simply points that we aim towards that would only, perhaps idiosyncratically hold value for us alone. That does not matter. The important point there is in setting goals and in striving towards them.

I assumed an open ended commitment back in September 2009. And here it is six years later and I am still working towards that open ended, outline-defined goal that I originally set for myself here – and setting benchmarks that I am interim-basis working towards on the way.

My original goal for all of this is still the same, setting aside the arbitrariness of the calendar and of cumulative posting counts. My goal is still to more fully flesh out what for me at least would represent a relatively complete worldview understanding of work and the workplace, and of their contexts for this still early-stage 21st century. Any evaluation as to how successful I might be at that, would be up to others. Meanwhile, I keep writing and posting. And certainly as of now, I fully expect to reach and pass a seventh anniversary here too. And without having even reached the double Scheherazade number yet, I am already thinking in terms of the triple. I did, after all, start this with an ambitious long-term goal. And I still have an open ended way to go before I can claim to have in any significant way reached it.

Tim Platt, September 14, 2015


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