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Platt Perspective at seven years

Posted in blogs and marketing by Timothy Platt on September 14, 2016

This is my 2150th installment of this blog to go live on it, and this posting marks my seventh anniversary in writing to it since I first formally began doing so. And to continue with the statistics, this means that I have been posting an average of just over 307 times per year. I began this addition to that progression of postings with numbers and statistics, but proceed from here to set that aside as unimportant – which it is and certainly beyond any brief and cursory moment of curiosity that noting a publication anniversary might prompt.

I set an incredibly audacious goal for myself in late 2009 when I first set out to write to this blog. And I did so as a matter of taking on an open-ended commitment that I have sought to honor since then. And I have maintained that far-reaching and audacious goal as my long-term objective, even as my ongoing effort to at least approach achieving it has shown how big it actually is.

• My goal here has been and remains, one of developing and offering a relatively comprehensive overarching general theory of business for the 21st century, and one that addresses essentially all levels of engagement there, from that of individual employment and career development, on through to consideration of entire economies.
• And of course, that means specifically and recurringly addressing individual businesses and their operational and strategic issues, and business-to-business collaborations and competitions, and a variety of other organizational levels and perspectives in between too.

The scale of my effort here has long since led me into at least a few significant complications, in deciding how best I should present all of this. That overtly became apparent to me very early on, starting with my postings and series directory system and certainly for my more active directories as offered here. I knew from even before I wrote my first posting to go live here, that I needed to offer something in the way of a directory system for finding and keeping track of everything that would come. I made a decision early on to limit the overall number of directory pages that I would organize all of this posting content into, to keep the blog’s overall organizing structure simpler for that. But this meant accepting a trade-off in which I add links to large numbers of separate postings on any single directory page, before starting a new continuation page to accompany it for that directory listing.

Just considering my more actively added-to directories here, the easiest of them to use and follow is probably my Guide to Effective Job Search and Career Development. And I select that one for this distinction, and even with its three directory pages as if this writing – because I have organized and developed my progression of series of postings in it, in what might be seen as a clearer and more intuitively perceivable overall pattern – an emergent trait that is much less apparent for example, in my Business Strategy and Operations directory or in Ubiquitous Computing and Communications.

My other main organizing goal here, and the second major point of organizational trade-off that I would note here, has been and continues to be one of writing individual postings in such a way that they would be readily understandable and usable on their own, and without anything like an absolute requirement to read earlier postings first.

I would like to think that I have been a lot more successful there, than I have been in resolving the conflicts in how best to set up my directory pages per se. Yes, I always offer reference links where I see them to be specifically useful to readers who would like to see relevant background information. And that includes both links to outside reference resources, and links to earlier postings offered here in this blog. But I have tried to make those reference options more supplemental than essential. And I freely acknowledge that this approach and this goal have somewhat broken down and certainly since I offered my year 6 anniversary posting in September 2015 – and particularly for some of my more recent key series in the Business Strategy and Operations directory.

I have developed too many new technical terms in the course of my writing and have been pursuing and elaborating on too complex and comprehensive an overarching conceptual framework here, with too much essential background discussion that I have been building from, to simply gloss over all of that with a few connecting sentences. And I have found myself facing that clarity and ease of presentation predicament in a growing number of postings here and with the prospect of that number and percentage increasing – and not just in one directory listing. But I still try to keep everything as clear as possible, and as stand-alone-ready as possible too. That is not always easy and I have not always succeeded, but I do maintain it as a goal and even if it is an ultimately impossible one.

And this brings me up to here and now and today, and with a few general sentiments offered in anticipation of the year to come. I am still writing new postings at a rate that allows me to set one to go live every other day, with an occasional off-day publication posting added in as I deem appropriate. Certainly as of today, I expect to maintain this writing and publication pace throughout the coming year. At some point I will slow down my schedule here a second time, as I did when shifting from daily to every other day. But I am not ready for that yet. And I will continue striving towards my elusive, audacious goal. I would like to think that by now I have offered a relatively substantial portion of my answer to this challenge, but I know that I still have a long way to go.

So I begin this next year of writing and online publishing with the next anniversary as a next interim goal, and with a lot planned for those coming months already in place. I have already, for example, begun that effort with a next full month of postings already completed and uploaded to the server and with Word document starts set up for the next month of postings beyond that.

Tim Platt, September 14, 2016

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