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Reexamining business school fundamentals (reconsidered) 1: a second look after almost seven years

Posted in reexamining the fundamentals by Timothy Platt on February 1, 2017

I added a series of brief note postings to this blog, beginning in July 2010, on a progression of issues that arise in discussion and study, and as points of contention and debate in business schools. I initially chose to offer a series of that type in this blog, coming out of my experience working at and studying at a business school, where I saw the issues that I wrote about there as prominently important in understanding businesses and economies. I was working at this business school, helping them to more effectively connect with their alumni through online social media and other channels, and as a perk of employment was given opportunity to go through their mini-MBA program tuition free.

My goal here is to step back from my usual progression of postings and series as I have written and offered them since then, and my more usual approach of analytically dissecting and examining business and economic process details, to at least briefly reconsider those same basic factors again – factors and considerations that have entered into all that I have been developing and writing about since then in this blog.

I am going to successively reexamine each of the basic puzzle pieces in this series that I delved into in 2010, this time in light of what I have been writing since then. I offered my first take discussions of them (as Section II of the Reexamining the Fundamentals directory), less than a year after starting this blog and as such, very early on in my process of developing and presenting a more comprehensive business analysis approach here. My goal for now is to return to each of those original postings in this series, one at a time and in the order of topics that I addressed there, to reconsider and update them. And once again, I will offer this new series as a set of brief snapshot notes. And I will offer this series of postings in quick succession, exactly as I did for its 2010 first take series, as a new separate section in my Reexamining the Fundamentals directory. I offered my postings in the 2010 series in immediately consecutive installments until I completed them. I will offer the installments to this series as alternate postings, adding new installments to this, alternating with new postings to my already ongoing series.

I am going to start delving into the specific of these issues with my next blog posting, starting with the question of taking a global perspective (see that upcoming posting’s July 22, 2010 counterpart: Reexamining Business School Fundamentals From a Globally Connected Perspective. And I will proceed here from that.

Meanwhile, you can find this and other related postings and series at Reexamining the Fundamentals, as a new Section VII in that directory.


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